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Long before man, there were monsters. Shortly after man, there was Bartokular! Born in the days of Rome’s stronghold on the world, Bartokular developed a fascination with man’s culture….read more

Lily’s Tomb
Lily Alvin used to be the kind of girl you could take home to mom and dad. She used to sing her dairy entries into an old tape recorder…..read more

the receptionist
Life is short…and so are these!This is the true story of a receptionist gone mad. After having answered phones for several years at a management office, Travis Betz was ready to explode……read more

the babyeaters
The name should say it all. TBE is an experiment in complete and total randomness. Nothing is planned or scripted and sometimes the best stuff that gets recorded are the moments before they start. ……read more

I.M Theatre
Language is what makes being human so unique, but as technology evolves, so does the way we communicate. The Instant Message world has introduced an entirely new way of expressing ourselves……read more

Hey kids! Help keep Chad out of prison by coloring along to his picture of the week. You’ll have TONS of FUN! But if for some reason you do not have TONS of FUN…well…Chad will beat the bloody hell out of you…depending on the size of his hang over…….read more

Normal T
Is that your blood or mine? Welcome to the uncomfortable adventures of a normal man and his even more normal self…..read more

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