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Ah Hello, and thank you for clicking on my bio. Here you will read about all my incredible accomplishments that made my mom swoon with pride (and even a few critics).

I’m a bit of a self-labled cult filmmaker, as well as a publicly labeled one…I think. I’ve made a handful of feature films including the ridiculously dark horror flick, joshua, in which Rue Morgue Magazine referred to me as a “dangerously unhinged bastard.”

Then I switched gears and made a love story called Sunday. Nobody called me anything cool for that one. Maybe it’s cause nobody saw it.

Then along came my 3rd feature film,  Lo, a comedy/drama/love story…with demons! Lo was wildly popular on streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon, and has continued to build an audience world wide through word of mouth and underground screenings.

My latest toe-dipper (a term I just made up for “feature film”) is The Dead Inside, a supernatural musical! We had a hugely successful festival run, winning a number of Best Picture awards, including the Golden Oosik from the Anchorage Film Festival (an oosik is a walrus penis bone…I’m not joking with you right now). The Dead Inside is currently available on Amazon and iTunes.

When not making feature films, I am known on the internet as the guy who makes things out of paper. I have a wide variety of movies made out of construction paper, including my popular web series, The Receptionist, Paper Cuts, and my paper horror short film Moonstruck, that was selected by Drafthouse films for the upcoming ABC’s of Death 2.5.

I am currently writing my first novel, Stabbers. A comedy about monsters and humans. That’s all I’ll say for now on that. I have a couple new feature films currently in development and a few more secrets up my sleeve. So check back in with this bio in about 3 years and it will probably not have been updated…but hopefully.

I also have loads of short films and funnies you can watch and read on my website here.

I also act in other people’s stuff from time to time. Most notably in  Ward Robert’s insane neo-Western comedy, Dust Up!

So there you have it. My distinguished career thus far. I have a lot more stories I want to tell so I really hope I don’t die young. For more information on me, call my mom or harass my friends. So that’s it. Bio done. I hope you enjoyed reading it a hell of a lot more than I enjoyed writing it. 

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