Ward Roberts

  • This Is The Song

    This Is The Song

    DrexelBox has joined forces with Jhey and the Whee to create this super fun music video about the dangers of a lover scorned…especially if she knows king fu! The production was directed and edited by DB’s very own Ward Roberts and Travis Betz. CREDITS of awesome people: Music video starring: (In order of appearance) Jhey…

  • It Came Down the Chimney

    It Came Down the Chimney

    A brand new short film DrexelBox’s own twisted clown, Ward Roberts! Be sure to keep the kiddies away from this one…it’s Disgusting (yes, with a capital D).

  • A Drink With Travis – New Name, Pretty Lights

    A Drink With Travis – New Name, Pretty Lights

    A Drink With Travis is DrexelBox’s offical news update show! The premise is simple – we have news, so you get to enjoy that news by having a drink with co-founder Travis Betz. Lucky you.

  • I Know the Truth

    I Know the Truth

    DrexelBox co-founder Ward Roberts premieres his new music video starring his own family (including the pets)! Let the images of adorable children pinch your heart as they jam out in bad-ass slow motion to Pretty Lights’, I Know the Truth. Being a kid was never cooler than this!

  • Sparcity


    DrexelBox co-founder Ward Roberts stars in this proof-of-concept trailer for the one-hour sci-fi drama, SPARCITY. The trailer was created on virtually no budget, took seven days to shoot and six months to edit. Sparcity asks the question: Do we continue to use technology in a way that will bring about our own destruction, or will…

  • Desperate Heart

    Desperate Heart

    Directed by: Ward Roberts Written and performed by: Gram Rabbit

  • Bone Her

    Bone Her

    All we truly have in life are a handful of perfect moments.

  • The Bumps

    The Bumps

    When you’re kissed goodnight – And tucked into bed – The monsters will fight – For each hair on your head –

  • Paper Guardian’s of the Galaxy

    Paper Guardian’s of the Galaxy

    The Guardian’s of the Galaxy trailer with sets and props made all out of paper.

  • The Boy Scout

    The Boy Scout

    Keep your fingers crossed for The Boy Scout and Cubby on this crazy adventure as the fate of The Eagle and perhaps the fate of planet Earth, might just depend on it.

  • Angel with a Gun

    Angel with a Gun

    From the twisted mind of DrexelBox’s own Ward Roberts, comes the second DrexelDance video in which he casts his daughter and has her do…hilariously dark things. Bo Roberts took home BEST FUCKING ACTRESS for her brave/adorable role as Angel. Don’t mess with the best!

  • Surprised Party

    Surprised Party

    You’re invited to the weirdest, most sadistic surprise party ever thrown.

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