• Let DrexelBox Be Your Savior

    Let DrexelBox Be Your Savior

    DrexelBox co-founder Travis Betz, and co-writer Kevin Hamedani, have landed their script, THE SAVIORS, on the prestigious Hollywood Blacklist – the best unproduced screenplays of the year. The screenplay is currently being produced by Ben Stiller’s production company, Red Hour Productions, and is in pre-production stages. In the vein of GET OUT and REAR WINDOW,…

  • Remake: The Prequel to the Sequel

    Remake: The Prequel to the Sequel

    Dear Hollywood…fucking stop it.

  • College Film Wars!

    College Film Wars!

    DrexelBox co-founder Ward Roberts is all up in your face and stuff with this promo for a new TV show called COLLEGE FILM WARS. A competition where film students from universities across the country compete for the chance to make their very own feature film! Let’s hope this show gets picked up, and also keeps…

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