• Lady Spaceman

    Lady Spaceman

    Take a saturated trip back in time to when paper-mâché and blatant sexism ruled science fiction cinema! The latest short film by DrexelBox’s own Travis Betz and Shannon Betz. LADY SPACEMAN!

  • It Came Down the Chimney

    It Came Down the Chimney

    A brand new short film DrexelBox’s own twisted clown, Ward Roberts! Be sure to keep the kiddies away from this one…it’s Disgusting (yes, with a capital D).

  • A Drink With Travis – New Name, Pretty Lights

    A Drink With Travis – New Name, Pretty Lights

    A Drink With Travis is DrexelBox’s offical news update show! The premise is simple – we have news, so you get to enjoy that news by having a drink with co-founder Travis Betz. Lucky you.

  • Secretly taped Scientology phone call

    Secretly taped Scientology phone call

    Secretly recorded phone call between Scientology leader David Miscavige, Tom Cruise and a member of Anonymous.

  • Remake: The Prequel to the Sequel

    Remake: The Prequel to the Sequel

    Dear Hollywood…fucking stop it.

  • The Underdog

    The Underdog

    Everyone told him he could never be a boxer – today he proves them all wrong.

  • If I Were Abraham Lincoln

    If I Were Abraham Lincoln

    …this is what I’d do!

  • The Dark Stink

    The Dark Stink

    Ever wonder why life is so shitty?

  • Fucking Trophies

    Fucking Trophies

    The DrexelDance 6 Trophies are here! Attention filmmakers! This is what you’re working so hard towards. This is what will earn you the ultimate respect of your peers. This is as high as you climb! We can’t wait to see what everyone turns out this year and who takes our top honors. You have just…

  • Touch his JUNK…we dare you!

    Touch his JUNK…we dare you!

    You don’t have to be a filmmaker to appreciate Kevin Hamedani’s latest feature about the film festival circuit, all you need is a love and appreciation for movies in general. JUNK tells the story of two guys whose movie was accepted by a film festival, and the mis-adventures they embark on once there. The flick…

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