• This Is The Song

    This Is The Song

    DrexelBox has joined forces with Jhey and the Whee to create this super fun music video about the dangers of a lover scorned…especially if she knows king fu! The production was directed and edited by DB’s very own Ward Roberts and Travis Betz. CREDITS of awesome people: Music video starring: (In order of appearance) Jhey…

  • Lady Spaceman

    Lady Spaceman

    Take a saturated trip back in time to when paper-mâché and blatant sexism ruled science fiction cinema! The latest short film by DrexelBox’s own Travis Betz and Shannon Betz. LADY SPACEMAN!

  • “A Great F%#!ing Movie!”

    “A Great F%#!ing Movie!”

    Travis Betz’s, THE DEAD INSIDE has been out for a few years now, so it’s always a real treat when someone discovers it, loves it, and then writes a glowing review for it. The good folks (or folk) over at The Film Philosopher are fans of smaller, weirder, under-appreciated films, and they have said some…

  • Uncle Gary Touched Me…With An Axe!

    Uncle Gary Touched Me…With An Axe!

    Uncle Gary Touched Me…With An Axe! A future film by Travis Betz When the Longhorn family’s flight to the Bahamas is snowed in, they decide to use their obnoxious wealth to turn an abandon insane asylum into a tropical paradise by adding sand, UV lights, and enough rum to kill a pirate captain. Paradise seems…

  • I Know the Truth

    I Know the Truth

    DrexelBox co-founder Ward Roberts premieres his new music video starring his own family (including the pets)! Let the images of adorable children pinch your heart as they jam out in bad-ass slow motion to Pretty Lights’, I Know the Truth. Being a kid was never cooler than this!

  • Secretly taped Scientology phone call

    Secretly taped Scientology phone call

    Secretly recorded phone call between Scientology leader David Miscavige, Tom Cruise and a member of Anonymous.

  • Poison Pussy Cat

    Poison Pussy Cat

    This years BEST FUCKING PICTURE winner at the DrexelDance Film Festival was Poison Pussy Cat, co-written and directed by Travis Betz and Shannon Hourigan. We hope you like your film noir hard boiled, because this little fake trailer is boiling over with awesome!

  • Baby Daddy

    Baby Daddy

    It has its mom’s eyes and its dad’s…tentacles???

  • Paper Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Paper Raiders of the Lost Ark

    The opening scene from Raiders made completely out of paper!

  • Remake: The Prequel to the Sequel

    Remake: The Prequel to the Sequel

    Dear Hollywood…fucking stop it.

  • A Piece of You

    A Piece of You

    Just an old fashioned loved song…by a complete psychopath.

  • Neptune Weeps

    Neptune Weeps

    Stranded on a island in the middle of the ocean, one man will do whatever it takes to survive.

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