Devin Barry

  • Remake: The Prequel to the Sequel

    Remake: The Prequel to the Sequel

    Dear Hollywood…fucking stop it.

  • Surprised Party

    Surprised Party

    You’re invited to the weirdest, most sadistic surprise party ever thrown.

  • Reaper Jerks

    Reaper Jerks

    Even the afterlife is littered with douche-bags.

  • Dust Up

    Dust Up

    Dust Up is a kick ass action comedy starring Amber Benson and Travis Betz that will make you laugh, gasp and punch the person you’re sitting next to. If you like funny, fighting and some crazy stuff you’ve never seen before, Dust Up is the flick for you. It’s set in the middle of desert,…

  • Lo


    When a lonely loser, Justin, meets the woman of his dreams, he has no idea that she’s being followed by something evil. When the darkness finds her, dragging her down to Hell, Justin uses a strange book to summon the demon Lo to help get her back. Lo, however, has other plans for the tasty…

  • Sunday


    In a world where nothing is perfect, isn’t it a nice thought that a single day can be. Waking one Sunday morning, two young lovers make a pact not to get out of bed…no matter what. When nature calls – figure it out. When hunger strikes – make a plan. When boredom hits – play.…

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