• Come To Harm debutes online!

    Come To Harm debutes online!

    Jessica Petelle is no stranger to awesome cinema…after all she did produce DrexelBox films like joshua, Little Big Top, and Lo! Check out this intense, creepy short film she was involved with from Iceland. DO IT!

  • Pussy Tease

    Pussy Tease

    The DrexelDance Film Festival might be over for now, but soon the movies will flood the web! Travis Betz and Shannon Hourigan collaborated this year, and took home the Best Fucking Picture award for their fake movie trailer, Poison Pussy Cat. It will go online this Monday! Before it does though, we just wanted to…

  • Fucking Trophies

    Fucking Trophies

    The DrexelDance 6 Trophies are here! Attention filmmakers! This is what you’re working so hard towards. This is what will earn you the ultimate respect of your peers. This is as high as you climb! We can’t wait to see what everyone turns out this year and who takes our top honors. You have just…

  • Touch his JUNK…we dare you!

    Touch his JUNK…we dare you!

    You don’t have to be a filmmaker to appreciate Kevin Hamedani’s latest feature about the film festival circuit, all you need is a love and appreciation for movies in general. JUNK tells the story of two guys whose movie was accepted by a film festival, and the mis-adventures they embark on once there. The flick…

  • Sexy New DrexelBox Poster!

    Sexy New DrexelBox Poster!

    Check out this sexy new poster for DrexelBox made by our amazing cinematographer/graphic designer Shannon Hourigan. I think it perfectly represents The Box, and its macabre sensibilities.

  • The Best of Kevin Lowe

    The Best of Kevin Lowe

    Kevin Lowe, DrexelDance alumni and Best Fucking Actor winner of 2012, has put out a very, very, very special album. We suggest you watch his video advert for it so that you can giggle and then get back to whatever it is your were doing…unless what you were doing was murder. If what you were…

  • A Drink With Travis – UKE AT ME!

    A Drink With Travis – UKE AT ME!

    DrexelBox Update! Have friendly drink with DrexelBox co-founder Travis Betz as he talks about the new website AND chit chats with special guest, actress/songtress Sarah Lassez! She may even stick around to do a little number for you all. Don’t forget to sign up on our mailing list!

  • Castles EXPLODES!

    Castles EXPLODES!

    Remember that one time when Pompeii was destroyed by a volcano? Umm…it’s happening again, but this time it’s totally more exciting because DrexelDance Best Actress winner 2012 is one of the stars! Jhey Castles came to DrexelDance 5 with her movie Armagettin’-Some! and took the top prize for acting. Since then she booked a lead…

  • Stuck on the Girl

    Stuck on the Girl

    Drexelbox filmmaker Ward Roberts recently directed this super fun music vid for LA band Young Beautiful in a Hurry

  • Order The Dead Inside TODAY!

    Order The Dead Inside TODAY!

    The Dead Inside is now available DVD and Video On Demand. Order your copy now and be one of the first to enjoy this unique horror musical. [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_button title=”BUY NOW ON DVD” target=”_self” color=”btn-warning” icon=”none” size=”wpb_regularsize” href=””%5D%5B/vc_column%5D%5B/vc_row%5D

  • The Dead Inside on the big screen!

    The Dead Inside on the big screen!

    Join us Halloween weekend for a special screening of the supernatural musical, The Dead Inside. With less then a month from our DVD and Video On Demand release, what better way to celebrate ghosts, zombies and musicals! Friday, October 26th at 8:00pm Raleigh Studios across from Paramount. Buy your tickets NOW before they sell out!…

  • Dust Up available for rent and purchase

    Dust Up available for rent and purchase

    Head over to iTunes, Amazon or a myriad of other streaming locations and check out DrexelBox’s new feature film, Dust Up! This mind-melting grindhouse-western-action-comedy just might make you punch people with disturbing delight. Link: Dust Up on Amazon Link: Dust Up on iTunes

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