• Uncle Gary Touched Me…With An Axe!

    Uncle Gary Touched Me…With An Axe!

    Uncle Gary Touched Me…With An Axe! A future film by Travis Betz When the Longhorn family’s flight to the Bahamas is snowed in, they decide to use their obnoxious wealth to turn an abandon insane asylum into a tropical paradise by adding sand, UV lights, and enough rum to kill a pirate captain. Paradise seems…

  • Is Monster Maker Tom Devlin TOUGH ENOUGH?

    Is Monster Maker Tom Devlin TOUGH ENOUGH?

    Tom Devlin has been a part of the DB family since its very first feature film, Joshua. Since then he’s created a number of memorable monsters for us including: The Demon Lo, Bartokular, Mr. Lizard, and Zombie Max & Harper. Now he’s “wrestling” with his latest challenge! Tom has made an video for the WWE’s…

  • A Drink With Travis – New Name, Pretty Lights

    A Drink With Travis – New Name, Pretty Lights

    A Drink With Travis is DrexelBox’s offical news update show! The premise is simple – we have news, so you get to enjoy that news by having a drink with co-founder Travis Betz. Lucky you.

  • I Know the Truth

    I Know the Truth

    DrexelBox co-founder Ward Roberts premieres his new music video starring his own family (including the pets)! Let the images of adorable children pinch your heart as they jam out in bad-ass slow motion to Pretty Lights’, I Know the Truth. Being a kid was never cooler than this!

  • Sparcity


    DrexelBox co-founder Ward Roberts stars in this proof-of-concept trailer for the one-hour sci-fi drama, SPARCITY. The trailer was created on virtually no budget, took seven days to shoot and six months to edit. Sparcity asks the question: Do we continue to use technology in a way that will bring about our own destruction, or will…

  • Secretly taped Scientology phone call

    Secretly taped Scientology phone call

    Secretly recorded phone call between Scientology leader David Miscavige, Tom Cruise and a member of Anonymous.

  • A DrexelBox of Puppies!

    A DrexelBox of Puppies!

    Aaron Gaffey, star of DrexelBox flicks like joshua, Dust Up and Lo, is in a new commercial for First Bank. As great as he is in it, I sorta want to punch First Bank in the nuts, because I feel like they punched me first. Just watch and you’ll see what I mean. Jerks. But…

  • College Film Wars!

    College Film Wars!

    DrexelBox co-founder Ward Roberts is all up in your face and stuff with this promo for a new TV show called COLLEGE FILM WARS. A competition where film students from universities across the country compete for the chance to make their very own feature film! Let’s hope this show gets picked up, and also keeps…

  • Aaron Gaffey is GAY, GAY, GAY!

    Aaron Gaffey is GAY, GAY, GAY!

    Actor/Producer Aaron Gaffey has been a part of the DrexelBox family since its very first film, JOSHUA. He’s worn a suit made of flesh, danced a little dance, and eaten humans right out of their chains. And now he’s a professor of awesome in this great little music video by singer/songwriter Ellen Wroe. Check it…

  • A Night At The Theater!

    A Night At The Theater!

    Sam Sloyan starred in Ward Robert’s ANGEL WITH A GUN for this years DrexelDance Film Festival, and then her career shot to the moon! OK, OK…we probably had nothing to do with all of Sam’s recent success…I guess it’s because she’s an incredibly talented actress. We had the pleasure of seeing her work her magic…

  • A Composer of Note

    A Composer of Note

    How do you like that cheesy title? But seriously, we wanted to take a brief moment of blog space to tell you about a good friend of the DrexelBox family, and to help promote his new and old work. His name is Jeff Grace and he’s a composer. In fact, he did the score for…

  • Crowdfunding and Distribution

    Crowdfunding and Distribution

    A dear friend to the DrexelBox universe is a gal by the name of Mia Bruno. She is a senior acquisitions manager at Gravitas Ventures, and joined our family when she picked up a little film called DUST UP for distribution. For all you crowdsourcing/filmmaking types out there, please check out her article on the…

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