About Us

DrexelBox Films was born in a hole in the ground on Drexel Street, Los Angeles. Co-founders Travis Betz and Ward Roberts were living together at the time when they found a strange door in their rented house that, when opened, was a straight drop into darkness. A ladder hung down only half way to the floor before it ended completely. It was just a cramped little space that housed the water tanks, but Betz and Roberts saw it as the perfect place to give birth to their creative brainchild.

Desks, chairs and computer equipment turned a hole in the floor into a Drexel Box. They wrote scripts, edited videos and dreamed big in that tiny box, and before long they were off making their first of many feature films. Jeremiah Jordan and Jessica Petelle hopped on board and JOSHUA was born.

The DrexelBox family began to grow. Soon there was a revolving door of regular players in the DB world including Shannon Black, Aaron Gaffey, Devin Barry, Tom Devlin, Molly O’Haver, Galica Vaca Lopez … to name a few. As the company continues to create, more and more incredible talents are brought into the fold.

To date DrexelBox has 6 feature films under its belt, along with over a 100 short films, web series, music videos, and random acts of madness. There is even an annual film festival called the DrexelDance Film Festival that encourages all creative types to grab a camera and make a movie.

Take some time to explore our little rabbit hole, and get delightfully lost in the madness that is DrexelBox!

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