This Is The Song

DrexelBox has joined forces with Jhey and the Whee to create this super fun music video about the dangers of a lover scorned…especially if she knows king fu! The production was directed and edited by DB’s very own Ward Roberts and Travis Betz.

CREDITS of awesome people:

Music video starring: (In order of appearance)

Jhey Castles as The Robot & Real Jhey
Frank Gallegos(of Jhey & The Whee) -bongo man
Alex Romero(of Jhey & The Whee)- bass man
Christian Badami- Paxton aka Phone Booth Thug
Mousa Kraish- The Ex
Aaron Gaffey- Flower shop Goon
Sean Ellis- FLower shop Goon
Norm Thoeming- Flower shop clerk
Ward Robert- New/old Girlfriend

Brad Grusnick
Jason Woods
Joe Santos (stunts)
Kevin Lowe
Luke Gannon
Mike Nelson
Ryan Young

Lenny Hocker- the cutest little dog on the planet!!!
Claire & Jake Hocker- dog wrangler’s

Director of photography E. Gustavo Peterson
Mariah Kraft- hair/makeup
Mike RInaldi- everything man on set
Lisa Kim- Producer and set savior
Shirley & Charles Castles- craft services/catering/most amazing parents on the planet


Song available for a FREE DOWNLOAD for a limited time at our website
“Radio/ clean” AND ORIGINAL VERSIONS FREE at both sites.

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