Touch his JUNK…we dare you!

junkYou don’t have to be a filmmaker to appreciate Kevin Hamedani’s latest feature about the film festival circuit, all you need is a love and appreciation for movies in general. JUNK tells the story of two guys whose movie was accepted by a film festival, and the mis-adventures they embark on once there. The flick is Hilarious, delightful and oddly nostalgic at times. The DrexelBox crew stumbled upon Kevin and his co-writer Ramon Isao while at the Austin Film Festival screening our feature film, Lo. Hamedani claims that Junk was inspired by that very weekend, and DB’s own Ward Robert’s even has a cameo in the film (along with The Demon Lo).

Junk is premiering in Los Angeles this Friday, March 14th at the Arena Cinema in Hollywood. 1625 N. Las Palmas. You can purchase tickets HERE. 

Junk is also currently streaming on Comcast , Time Warner, Brighthouse, and Cox. So lay back and watch it at home!

Junk releases on DVD March 25th.


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