Drexeldance 2012

Drexeldance 2012’s theme was The Apocalypse.

What the rules were:

It had to be under 5 minutes, keeping with the theme “the Apocalypse” and contain the phrase “The end of the world can wait.”in some form.

In 2012 we also added awards to the party. The winners were..
1. Best Fucking Film – Shannon Hourigan for Black Rain
2. Best Fucking Actor – Kevin Lowe for Last Chance to France
3. Best Fucking Actress – Jhey Castles for Arma-gettin’ Some!
4. Most Wrongest – Ward Roberts for How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dog

Here’s a handful ¬†of the vids that were screened in 2012.

Kevin Lowe – Last Chance to France

Brad Grusnick – Sad World

Travis Betz – The Dark Stink

Dustin Fasching & Jhey Castles – Arma-gettin’ Some!

Scott and Ponce Perry – Ponceman Goes Wild

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