The Receptionist

CaptureLife is short…and so are these! This is the true story of a receptionist gone mad. After having answered phones for several years at a management office, Travis Betz was ready to explode. Instead, he turned that energy around and started shooting short films at his desk…during business hours. The result was a weekly online series called, The Receptionist. Using nothing but himself and an endless amount of construction paper for sets, Travis created a new story every week and posted it into cyber space. The series became a cult hit and fans would often dub the show the love child of David Lynch and Mr. Rogers. As the series grew, so did the construction paper world around him. Travis found it harder and harder to hide his filming from his co-workers. After 30 some odd shorts, Comedy Central picked up the series for their own web content. Since then Travis has continues to lend his paper craft talents to such companies as Warner Brothers, Smosh, and more!

The Telephone Game

Remake: The Prequel to the Sequel

If I Were Abraham Lincoln

Baby Daddy

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