Writer / Director: Travis Betz
Ward Roberts, Aaron Gaffey, Christy Jackson, Amelia Gates, Alexa Havins, Jeremiah Jordan

Three boys set out to create the devil…

Kelby Unger doesn’t sleep much, because the nightmares are too intense. An evil from his past still lingers in the shadows of his mind, whispering for him to return. When his father dies, the nightmares finally get their wish, and Kelby goes home. It doesn’t take long for his childhood friends to seek him out for a very unwanted reunion. Soon the mystery of what they did together as kids starts to unravel one strand at a time, sending Kelby into a fever dream of madness.

Joshua is a grueling and demented tale of childhood gone horribly wrong.

Reviews of Joshua

“Mr. Betz, you dangerously unhinged bastard, I officially pronounce you a newfound force to be reckoned with.” – Rue Morgue Magazine

“Joshua is easily one of the best indie pics I’ve seen all year. The film is cruel, demented, twisted and unrelenting – get ready to have nightmares!” – Mr. Disgusting,

“To call the camera work on joshua skillful would be a disservice; It’s inventive, kinetic, seemingly never repeating the same shot twice and always willing to try odd angles.” – Johnny Butane, The Horror Channel

“Writer/Director Travis Betz does a fantastic job of setting everything up before the dominoes start to fall.” – Brent Moore, Film Threat

“Joshua is unto the Frankenstein myth as Batman Begins is unto superhero lore.” -Michael Marano, Sci

“Joshua is an original, startling take on the modern horror film that deserves to be seen!” – Alex Riviello, Creature Corner

“Travis Betz has done miracles with a minimum budget!” – Anthro Fred, Slasher Pool

“Travis Betz is a director who has enormous potential and his first full-length feature film, joshua is proof of that.” -Mr. Horreur-Web

“Not your average predictable horror movie, there’s a lot of thought put into this one.” – Evil Dread

“Travis Betz clearly has one beautifully dark and twisted imagination and it shows in frame after demented frame.” – The Butcher, Killer Reviews

“Compared to joshua, Hostel and Saw are after-school specials.” – Head Cheeze,

“Once this clever, ambitious and nasty little number gets underway, Betz really tests one’s threshold for disgust. – Rue Morgue Magazine

“The major shame with joshua is that you’ll have to see the low budget indie version of a film, which actually should have been a major motion picture (any studio execs reading this?).” – Mr. Disgusting,

“Travis Betz has created an interesting and truly different film, something Hollywood seems to be having issues with when it comes to horror.” – Brian Harris, Joe Horror

“Joshua is one of the most unique horror movies I’ve seen this year. An instant classic!” – Anthro Fred, Slasher Pool

“Joshua is very polished visually and is full of impressive shots and clever compositions.” – Brent Moore, Film Threat

“joshua is one of those independent films that easily rivals big studio offerings in terms of substance and style.” – Head Cheeze,

“The most vibrant performer in his cast is Betz’s own camera, and the most interesting creation in this movie about an unethical creation is Betz’s cinematic eye.” -Michael Marano, Sci

“This is a tremendous introduction for Travis Betz. It’s an incredibly well shot and put-together film.” – Alex Riviello, Creature Corner

“Long after the movie was over, it kinda hit me just how sick the plot really was and thinking about it now does not make me feel good. It sounds like a negative thing but is infact the total opposite.” – Evil Dread

“When Travis and crew get some decent funding and bring their experience from joshua to their next project, I have no doubt that it’s going to kick ass and take names!” – The Butcher, Killer Reviews

“Different, disturbing and done with real skill.” – Johnny Butane, The Horror Channel

“Joshua is a breath of fresh air.” – Brian Harris, Joe Horror

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