Aaron Gaffey

CaptureAaron Gaffey moved to Los Angeles in September of 2000. He is really enjoying the LA sunshine, smog, and traffic -more than the cold of Mn –so, he decided to stay here. It did not take him long to settle in, finding a work on stage with Knightsbridge Theatre’s production of Dana Merand Williams’ FACING THE CALM and an independent production of William Shakespeare’s A MID SUMMER’S NIGHT DREAM.

Aaron was told by an agent that he needed some film credits. After many submissions he landed an audition with, Joe Castro and Dan Benton, for an independent film called NEAR DEATH. He did not get it but, they said they really enjoyed his audition and that they would call. They did call, about four months later, and asked him if he would like to star in a horror movie called- JACKHAMMER -(THE JACKHAMMER MASSACRE). While getting a trail by fire introduction to indie film making he met another director Mike Su who was making a film called The Revolting Dead. Would he like to do audition? Yes.

After the filming was finished for these two projects he noticed a posting for an indie film called Joshua, He went to the audition, was called in again for another look, and then one more time. He got it after three auditions. The production team –Drexelbox- was planning on shooting it in their home state of Indiana for one month. The role of James Lily was too juicy to pass up. So, he gathered what he could and left for the mid west for one month to work with strangers. That is when the torture began. And his life has never been the same.

After returning from Indiana he went to work on another Mike Su project called DOOMED (with Ward Roberts who he worked with in joshua).

Needing a break from the film world and to get back to his roots in theater. Aaron dove in deep with the LA based theater company called UNKNOWN. He helped the artistic director build up the company and worked for over one hundred days building the theater –literally building the theater. He stayed there or a couple of years, performing in Johnson Over Jordan and Scenes From An Execution, before getting the urge to go back to film.

He worked on another project with Mike Su called My Demon Within. Then Drexel Box called to see if he would like to work on their newest project Lo. He asked if he could help produce it as well. They agreed. And through their love of torturing him and his masochism a new bond was made expanding the members of Drexel Box.
After finishing LO, as The Waiter and ‘just’ producing. Aaron has been seen in Lily’s Tomb as Mortis, and Bartokular Bartokular as Bartokular –while ‘just’ producing.

He has a Capitol One spot that is airing, this fall. Saying the classic line, “What’s in your wallet?

Aaron also enjoys surfing in the very clean waters off the coast of California here in Los Angeles. He never knew it was ‘normal’ for ocean water to be brown with foam on top and then have a iridescent green glow. In the Midwest we would not touch that water here, it is called ‘Monday.’

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