Created by Travis Betz

Best Friends…FOREVER!

Long before man, there were monsters. Shortly after man, there was Bartokular! Born in the days of Rome’s stronghold on the world, Bartokular developed a fascination with man’s culture. With every person he would drag back to his cave and devour, he was always able to learn something about music, literature, family values, etc. An immortal beast with only one weakness, Bartokular wallows for centuries alone, avoiding the one thing that can kill a monster like him…true love.

Present day. Bartokular takes out of a bus of humans, dragging them all back to his cave and chaining them to the wall. One by one he picks the flesh from their tasty bones, but by the time he gets to the last surviving three he has developed a strange friendship with them. Mills, Bonnie and Johnny want nothing more than to escape, but for now they must play along and pretend to be this creatures BFF or get eaten.

For the first time in centuries, Bart has friends…even if he does keep them chained up.

cast: Aaron Gaffey, Devin Barry, Molly O’Haver, Ward Roberts, Jake Gallagher, Liz Loza